Week1 - Subtracted Skeleton Peg

September 10, 2018

Sketching out

For some reason from the first moments of thinking about this assignment, i wanted to take slices of objects away. I like to draw cutaways and “sliced wedges” of odd objects like trees or buildings. When i saw the pegs that’s all i wanted to do them. So i setched out some pegs and stretched the out and started cutting. But quickly realized this aesthetic only works with things that are not supposed to be wedged out liked that. A piece of wood missing a piece i a normal thing to see.

Art Toy Week1 - Sketch

So i decided to show the skeleton, and honestly i think of it myself as a cheap trick; maybe because i was out of time and catching up. So i went on Thingiverse and downloaded a cartoonish looking skeleton, adjusted it in meshmixer and sliced it in Cura with 0.2mm resolution. Originally i wanted to 3D print the ribcage as well, but i changed my mind as i didn’t find a suitable model and honestly, it was not a very printable part.

Week1 - Skeleton Head

So for the ribcage i went ahead and downloaded one of those dinosaur bone models, and identified the spine and a few ribs, isolated those parts and arranged them to be laser cut from a small piece of semi transparent acrylic i found in the trash. After that i used super glue to stick them because i couldn’t find any acrylic glue, which failed. Usually i use activator spray for works like this but couldn’t find that either. So i ended up using hot glue for getting the rib cage together and some putty to hold the skull in place.

Week1 - Dinosaur Bone Ribs

For cutting i used the band saw. So i cut parts from the wooden peg and the negative part from the fully printed skull. The results wasn’t bad. I didn’t want to work on it more but some primer and sever coats of paints to make sharp contrast between body and bones would’ve made it more interesting.

Week1 - Final Skeleton Peg

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