Week2 - Abominations with Oculus Medium

September 20, 2018

a wild Medium appears!

Oculus Medium is hands down the most intuitive 3D modeling software i have ever used. It’s better than sculpting IRL in my opinion! (Thanks Ben!). After we were introduced to it in class, i went ahead and tried similar VR modeling softwares Quill, and Tilt Brush. But they don’t even come close to how natural everything feels when using Medium! So naturally i started having fun with it and started modeling what i lovingly dubbed “Abominations”. They are mainly forms that are made using simple modeling tools plus the stamp tool in Medium.

Abominations - First Experiments

Abomination Lineup

I really liked using body parts and adding different textures to them. So inpisred by some works of Alex Grey and maybe inducing Trypophobia (fear of small holes), i started building the “Holey Listener”. He’s just a male head with holes all over its head, and a big third ear on its forehead

Working in Oculus Medium - Making Holey Listener

After becoming more confident in Oculus Medium, i sorta guessed some standard tools like Mirroring should be available. So i aligned another blank head with the mirror plane running through its middle and started adding cubes all around its head. Then i turned the mirror plane off and added some slightly displaced cubes on the middle line to break the symmetry and make it look more organically grown.

Next step was to 3D print them. I knew i needed to generate support for these prints with sharp overhangs (under the chin for example), so i imported them inside Meshmixer to first cut the neck at an angle so the chin wouldn’t be parallel with the print bed (which is the worst type of overhang), and generate support where it’s needed. The good thing about Meshmixer supports is that, albeit a bit finnicky, you can add and remove them as you want. You can also generate them as a seperate body so then you can turn off your model to modify the supports on their own. But after generating the supports i really liked how they looked as part of my design. So i kept the unnecessary ones inside the holes as well as the real load-bearing ones as a vine looking element for my model.

Abominations - Meshmixer Support Generation

Meshmixer Support

All i had to do next was to print them, which went smoothly for Holey (with 0.3 layer height), but Cubey’s print (with 0.2 layer height) was interrupted because the filament got tied up in the spool (grrr). But it still looked pretty cool, so i decided to primer them both. Before that i used a hot air gun to remove some filament streaks and threads (easiest way to remove them), then removed the supports that i didn’t want with a knife, and finally tried to sand it with a dremel… but that last step did NOT give me the results i’d hoped. I knew it wouldn’t work but it wouldn’t hurt to try. So priming was my only option left…

Abomination - Spray Paint

I used various primers for them. Holey turned out pretty glossy, failed Cubey was coated with a matte primer and looked gorgeous. All the details and shadows of the details suddenly revealed themselves.

Abomination - Holey Listener

Abomination - Cubed

I tried coating Holey with the matter primer. I sorta overdid it and it filled in some of the details i didn’t want it to. And for some reason it turned out glossy again. I’m not sure if it’s because i used excess primer, or i used the wrong one. Gotta document my spray process in more detail next time.

Abominations - Raw Cubey and Glossy Holey

Meshmixer Support

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