Week 5 - Base with Full Inlays

October 10, 2018

This was a LONG process

I guess pictures explain most of what happened. I milled out the base using the Othermill, which turned out to be the easy part. After that, i had to fix the corners of my inlays with proper fillet angle to anticipate what the previous milling would miss. I figured this one out on paper: Just find the corners and imagine how it will be milled, and mark the surrounding pieces and finally fix it in my Illustrator file.

Cutting and Placing and Finishing

So now i had to mill out every little inlay. I tried to keep mistakes at a minimum but mistakes happened anyway. A lot of little things in CAM and during the milling that in some cases meant redoing the whole piece. But it all got there eventually and after sanding and polishing the results were beautiful, and very nice to touch!

The pieces were REALLY fit. Extremely fit! The last piece went in making beautiful fitting sounds! (you can hear it on instagram), so next time i will add a bit of tolerance (which the easiest way is to put a negative number on Radial part of “Stock to Leave” section in Fusion’s CAM)

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