Week 6 - Packaging

October 12, 2018

The Idea

Here’s the sketch i drew while we were talking about various packaging for art toys (i was also listening!). I really liked the idea of packaging turning into part of a whole when used with the product. Like a stand. I love a good stand in whatever i buy. It shows how much they went the extra mile. So even then i was like: I’ll build a reversible box that turns into a stand. I even sketched out the design… Although poorly. But generally it was Persian style illuminations related to the one on the head, and low poly mesh lines to reference the head. That is what the stand would look like. The outside part was secondary to me.

Design and Laser Cut

I wanted this to be made with thin cardboard. Like the ones you would see used on google cardboard. Alas, i couldn’t find superthin cardboard! I thought blick would have the thinner ones! This box couldn’t fold properly as a result. I might be able to roll them flat… but this one smells FUBAR all over it.

My plan was to have burnt black design on the brown of cardboard… which also failed. The one time i wanted the laser to burn my etch, it just refused to obey no matter the settings!

On the bright side, the design technically worked. It was reversible, although maybe not super airtight. I got the blueprint for it from a useful website called templatemaker.nl , which had a design called the “exploding” box. Which is just made to open like a flower when you remove the lid, but it was also perfect for reversing!

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