Week 7 - Final Models for Illuminesque

October 17, 2018

Here we are…

I decided to finish the first head, although it was only for testing purposes. After putting in all the inlays (which i had to cut 3 times to finally get the right fit), I wanted to do something with the “ear” section. You see, those were just the pegs i made to hold the piece in place for the CNC. But now they kinda look cool, though somehow remind me of those Cloud City humanoids on StarWars.

When i was shopping for my acrylic, i also bought a white tube and a blue rod that fit perfectly inside it. So i used the standing drill to drill out a same size hole on the ears and use the tube and rod as its inlay.

And for the final final

I knew everythin i needed to know for this one. I had to redesign everything to ensure a successful result. The head is now made wider and the neck shorter, i also added a bit of angle to the bottom.

I designed ear shaped pegs so it would look like ears when i sand it down.

My inlays this time had a proper tolerance… and i didn’t need to spend hours troubleshooting it. All the inlays were milled in about an hour.

And after the usual Acrylic glue, Super glue, grind, sand, and polish process, my illuminated folks were ready for display.

That’s what they are to me and why i call them Illuminesque. They symbolize going from Rigid to Soft, Structure to Expression, Dogma to Spirituality. And they are made from old Persian style Illuminations anyways.

Or it’s just that we attach meaning to everything. Either way this was bumpy yet rewarding journey. (yes bumpy to rewarding counts as another metaphor for it!)

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