Week2 - Cornell Box for Lasso of Truth

September 20, 2018

A “Cornell Box” style meditation on the play “Lasso of Truth”by Carson Kreitzer

i might’ve gone a bit blunt on this one, The box is covered with white paper and then added a layer of assorted comics by the artist Robert Crumb. His style of affixation with women and the Wonder-Woman-esque character “Sheena” drew many parallels for me. The perversion that the “girl” character was seeing in the writer can be observed full-blown in the documentary Crumb.

The tail is part of the project i did last semester for the iTP Winter Show called “Basic Instincts”. The idea is simply a wearable fluffy tail that has sensors attached to your body and will start to shake when you’re “excited”. I thought it went well with the play because my general mindset while building it was “what if we could show our emotions as clearly as animals did?”

more info:

MH’s Cornell Box full view

Cornell Box Full View

MH’s Cornell Box with elements removed

Cornell Box Empty

Side View

Cornell Box Side View

Side View

Cornell Box Side View

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