Week2 - Simple Performance

October 4, 2018

it’s not much…

i sampled some notes on my instrument called ‘Setar’ (not to be confused with the Indian Sitar)

Most of the time i had was spent in finding a strumming / pacing that allows me to make good-ish sounding music using any random data i can throw at it.

Single notes are the most basic sample i could use. Of course like single piano notes, it wasn’t very effective.

I can’t really talk about what happened next. It was just me trying to strum however i could on the instrument and testing it out against the random (ufo) data. After playing a while i found that around 3sec of sample is good to establish something in the listener’s ear.

Next was to build a scale. Luckily on the instrument there are some “main” frets that can be used in the standard playing style. So i played around again and compiled a subset that i thought would always produce an okay result.

Next was the database.

I tried finding a database for exchange rate fluctuations in Iran, but that turned out more difficult that i thought. All the Iranian currency exchange websites were stingy in asking money for their API.

So i am gonna use my favorite database, NYC public toilets!

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