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February 1, 2018

Have a plan, Stick to it.

I shot a lot of photos and a lot of videos. That was my job. When you shoot projects for a customer, especially in the motion picture realm, organization becomes paramount. I can safely say that for editing 6 hours of footage into 2 minutes, I spend 80% of my time organizing and 20% for editing.

Why is that? Well, with editing, you’re telling a story. You’re making a sentence practically for the viewer saying: “look what happened here. look at THIS thing, now see how it goes with everything as a whole”. You are saying something, but instead of words as your abstraction, you’re using images.

So by watching your footage, and organizing them, you are practically organizing what goes on INSIDE your head on the OUTSIDE. So it actually helps you THINK and articulate your point much better.

But there’s no ONE way to organize images. It’s like organizing the words you know in your head, but not by their spelling, but by their actual meanings. Now it becomes complicated because we organize meanings differently based on the context of what we’re doing. And because you can say the same thing with different words (Words=abstractions), you have a different way of organizing your words in your head, and therefore the way you organize your footage is also unique to you!

So in summary, we organize different because we think different.

So what’s the solution? Have a plan, stick to it, and change it when you felt necessary.

If things are organized in your head by time, organize the based on time. If it’s context, do it by context. You get the idea.

Lightroom allow you to do most of that. This is what i used on a daily basis if I was working on a project. It allows you to organize your media however you like. For LIPP, i thought i mostly should think of my footage as what would be their general purpose. So i organized them in what they would be used as. So one footage is all about texture and doesn’t have much else happening in in. Other categorize are Movement (if i like the parallax in the footage), Story, and Sound.

Here i go into more detail:

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