Week2 Hue

February 13, 2018

Getting on the hue base

here’s how things went: i got a hue (#40 to be exact), and got to working near the ER following the tutorial on hue’s getting started page.

The issue? Couldn’t work the arp-scan thing. I was using bash on Windows10 and apparently it doesn’t have enough network privileges to perform the scan. I asked Koji about it and he was also perplexed. Hue’s nupnp thing didn’t work as well. We tried installing different tools for bash but no luck. So i looked for a similar command for Windows’ PowerShell, which doesn’t get enough credit!

The thing about PowerShell is, it’s being regularly updated and has so many ways to do things with. I feel like bash and PoweShell will have complete interoperability with a proper virtual machine. Anyways, when you search the web to learn how to do things on PowerShell, you find these weird commands that seem like too much work. For example, if you search for “how to create a directory”, most results will be something like this:

New-Item -ItemType directory -Path C:\Scripts\newDir

while you can simply type the POSIX

mkdir newDir

So same thing for arp-scan, which took me a while, after stubbornly refusing to install a whole new program for believing something so common MUST have a simple command; to realize on PowerShell, it’s simply:


or arp -v if you want the verbose form.

So we finally got a list of IPs and MAC addresses, and finally went to the hub to find its MAC address and… well…

hue base


facepalm -v

So I started playing around with it. Before that i had to register my computer on itpSandbox network. I actually registered both my phone AND my computer. Koji was interested in that ;)

Any how, I followed instruction and registered my device and got access to the #40 lamp, turned it on and off, changed its color and other fun stuff. here’s my credentials for later reference:

		"success": {
			"username": "U7KkKJvDmEVMwGXZACgaz6du2mMYXJWyHcdjcNhD"

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