Reactive Display

A display that reacts and assists you when you take a closer look
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Reactive Display Presentation


I wanted to look at a display as a story-telling tool. Of course displays can display anything, but imagine when you go to a gallery and notice a painting. You look at it from a distance, then look at the description maybe, and then maybe go in and look at the brushstrokes and then step back again and try to look at the painting with all those information in mind. Well a display can’t show you “more” when you look closer as a painting does.

So looking at a painting, or anything for that matter, is an exploration of what that thing is about, what is its story. So you are basically live-editing the story by looking at it: Look at this general thing, now look at this detail, and that detail, now look at it generally and see how it fits with the whole narrative.

You can easily imagine the same narrative structure with like a business chart: look at our progress this year. Now look at THIS interesting section. And now look at it as a whole again and see how it fits in.

Technical research

After ideation, i looked into the available face/head tracking technologies out there. Although computer vision through image processing has gotten pretty sophisticated these days, the Kinect is still the easisest and most accurate way of depth tracking user’s head. Found various projects that take advantage of Kinect’s accuracy.

Compatible Data

Well, anything that can be zoomed! Although a select few will show the users the possiblities of it, though it’s intuitive enough (like “pinch to zoom”) that after the first use the possiblities of it will be obvious. They could include Map data, 3D data cloud, charts, etc.


Main thing i’m trying to add is some kind of motion blur, which is hard to render in real time for most platforms. Game engines are GREAT at motion blur, but i don’t want to deal with engines unless i really have to.

Here are two old videos i made for Nestle and Kaleh (a dairy company) where i used a LOT of motion blur!

Nestle presentation

Kaleh “Jeeto” ice cream promo

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