7 Days of Perception - 0/7

October 24, 2018


After a lot of thought (and anxiety, honestly) around what i’m really working on, i decided to step back and “flesh out the itch”. Whatever aura of interest i saw in the vague sphere of ideas that i try to articulate every time needs to be materalized in a more accurate fashion. I can just say “it’s there” . Maybe it’s not even there, but i need to be more clear on why “it’s not there” as well.

Confusing? I basically mean moving the ideas from a vague cloud in my head onto text so i can understand it better and talk about it better. See if there’s something of material here or should i just leave it be.

that’s part of the reason why therapy works. Talking, writing, labeling vague feelings helps our brain to deal with them as packets and eventually sort through it. It literally moves activity from Amygdala to our Prefrontal Cortex, where it can actually get processed.

Putting Feelings Into Words Produces Therapeutic Effects in the Brain

So i am going to write a short essay on things that are think are related to that vague idea. See what might come out. Topics would include works that have to do with Perception, Bias, Epistemology, Skepticism, etc. These can be in form of art, philosophical arguments, and cognitive psychology.

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