Evolution of a Question

November 21, 2018

It’s Interesting to observe how your “question” changes

And that’s if you’re trying to answer a question. Should i even be asking a question? That’s the thing i always ask myself when i wonder if my work is Art, or is it Design. Do artists try to answer questions??

Is art something that the artist can’t explain as well? I mean if he could, he could just explain it. There wouldn’t be a need for a “medium” to transfer his… message. well maybe not message, maybe “inside thingy”.

Maybe design is a message, an answer, or a question, said in a different way.


  1. Can you teach viewpoint diversity through understanding perception?
  2. Can you teach about perception and the subjective nature of our reality to a broad audience?
  3. Can i “show” you cognitive dissonance? Can i show you YOUR cognitive dissonance?
  4. How does belief change happen? What is the nature of our belief? Which part of it am i targeting?
  5. Can you make perceptual illusions less gimmicky?
  6. Can you put perception itself in a context?
  7. how understanding the phenomenology of perception can lead to change in worldview? How can we design that experience so it’s more accessible for a broad audience?
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