Emotion Constancy

December 8, 2018

Brightness Constancy

Emotion Constancy

So after talking to Beau Lotto about more meaningful approaches towards perception illusions, he suggested that i do a version of Brightness Constancy illusion but with Emotions.

So this is what Brightness Constancy illusion is:

In which the light grey circles in the middle are actually the same color.

So for emotion constancy, i thought i should use a neutral face as a base. I wanted to make it as neutral as possible, so i thought i would use one of those “Average Faces” that got famous a few years ago. These faces are made by making an average across multiple facial features of multiple faces.

The face you see is apparently the “average German face”.

To make the expressions, i used photoshop’s new “Face Aware Liquify” tool. Photo editors have always used the Liquify tool to modify body features, making people thinner or fatter, making eyes the same size, etc. Now it automatically detects facial features and adds controls for you to modify them parametrically.

So here i just added 40% smile to this face. It’s always good practice to use subtlety with the Liquify tool!

For the sad one, i decreased the “smile” factor to -80%, but it didn’t look sad enough, so i redid the filter with -40%.
Of course, emotion is a factor of multiple facial features, but i just want to stick to one factor for now.

Anyways, here are the results:

So after that there’s only one thing left to do and that’s bringing everything together in a true “brightness constancy” fashion. So i just multiplied the Happy nad Sad faces and put them around the neutral face.

The results… well see for yourself:

anti climactic? a bit.

Next time i’ll try a different approach.

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