Relevant Research Snippets

October 22, 2018

Things i find directly relevant, and their sources

Assimilation / Accommodation

Assimilation is when we encounter new information that we are able to fit it into our pre-existing mental structures. For example, if you learn that a bully you know did something horrible, it’s easy and painless to process the information. You’re just dropping it into a pre-existing container.

Green block fitting into container with two other blocks Accommodation, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult. Accommodation is the cognitive process that takes place when we encounter new information that doesn’t fit into our existing mental structures. In order to make sense of this information, we need to adjust our pre-existing cognitive structures to accommodate the new information.

Rectangular container that’s too narrower to fit a circle, changes to a rectangular container with rounded top that accommodates the

If you hear that a boy who had been known to bully a bunch of his classmates also defended another kid from bullying, is it likely that you’ll assimilate or accommodate this information?

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