Week 5 - Reactive Compositions

December 5, 2018

The Text

For this one i decided to visualize a verse from this Farsi Poem:

ما زنده از آنیم که آسوده نگیریم
Ma zende az aanim ke asoode nagirim

موجیم که آسودگی ما عدم ماست
Mojim ke asoodegi e ma adame mast

by Kalim Kashani : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalim_Kashani

Which can be roughly translated as:

We are alive of unrest
We are waves, our rest is our oblivion

What’s in a wave?

We are waves. Our rest is our oblivion.

Waves are a metaphor. Me taking it literal is one way to depict it, although maybe not the deepest of analogies.

The words won’t exist without your words. Without your waves.

It’s almost too self explanatory

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